Modern and Quality Winona Student Housing

Loos Properties have been renting homes for 10 years.  Andy Loos is a full time landlord to make sure that repairs get done as soon as possible.  His brother Matt Loos also owns properties and helps to meet the safety and repairs needed to be an awesome landlord.  We feel that a student’s success directly correlates to the place they live.  Students need to feel safe and love the place they live!!  We are very picky about our homes.  We feel that modern and elegant home features are very important.  Modern faucets, stoves, dishwashers, luxury flooring and plush carpet in bedrooms.  

Academic success is a high priority, if you are living at a home you don’t like or has a bad odor, this is not the way you want your kids to live.  We want to do our part to make sure they have a positive off campus experience that they tell their friends/classmates about our homes. 

Why choose to rent from us?

When it comes to choosing a rental house, there are so many options available.  Location to campus, quality of housing, landlord you will be with for the school year. 

For parents, this can be very difficult when your child calls and tells you they found a house to live at for next school year.  This can be very overwhelming and we totally understand.  Andy and Matt are very good landlords and really care about their tenants.  Being a landlord is not just collecting rent.  It’s making sure they have a safe, well maintained house.  Your not just renting a house, you are believing in your landlord to do their job.  While many landlords don’t have the abilities to do repairs or just don’t care, it is our high priority to be good landlords.  Andy and Matt have normal business hours 8-5 and also on call 24/7 for emergencies.

Student Safety and Security:

Your child’s safety is high priority.  It is important to us to have locks on all bedroom doors, deadbolts on all main doors.   Tenants are given high security keys on move in.  These type of keys are the most secure and are changed regularly to ensure a safe place.  We also install CO detectors outside of bedrooms and fire alarms in bedrooms and living rooms.  We even use quality furnace filters to keep air quality better and allegents down in our homes.  

Our Homes:

We really hope our tenant parents have the opportunity to view the home your child would be living in.  This will give you a sense of relief that they are living in a clean and nice place with many modern features.  

Pricing:  Pricing can be all over.  There are so many variables with prices.  Location to campus, what utilities are included with rent.  Features of the home:  Newly built, recently remodeled, off street parking, dishwasher, laundry, free wifi. Since most of our homes have all these features, we do offer rental options with utilities included with rent to keep it simple for tenants.  Then they can expect the same rent price every month.

We are all about keeping it simple:

Keeping things simple we feel is very important.  Andy and Matt are very easy going people.  The more we can keep things simple the better.  We are always there for our tenants if they need us, but by using quality products in our homes, along with quality electrical and plumbing this keeps our maintenance to a minimum for our tenants.  Many of our tenants never really need us, beside the change out of furnace filters every 3 months.  

When do we start leasing for next school year?

We typically start leasing houses around Sept 15th each year for leases starting June 1st.  We agree, it sounds crazy to be leasing so far in advance, but this has been the trend for the last 25 years.  If your child is looking for a modem, desirable home or location you will want to start looking right away.  According to studies, 70% of students have a home leased by the end of November.  Over the years, we have felt bad so many times when we show a house to a group and then later that day another group signs for it.  Then to receive a call the next day saying they would like to sign on house.  We do our best to accommodate potential tenants especially if they are very interested in a certain house.While many tenants wait till after christmas break, they usually tend to be looking farther away from campus housing and less desirable housing.  

Paying Rent:We have a few options for paying rent.  About 90% of our tenants like our ACH automatic deposit setup.  This is through a local bank here in Winona, MN.  We just have the tenant fill out a form.  This allows us to pull rent each month.  Usually on the 1st or 2nd of each month.  We also offer payment through venmo which is a part of the paypal company.  Easy and simple ways to pay rent.Another option that many people don’t realize is you can pay rent from your financial aid.  This can be used for off campus living expenses.  At the end of each year, we send out CRP forms to our tenants (Certificate of Rent Paid)  This can give you up to 20% tax deduction through the State of Minnesota.